Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive TeethSensitivity is often caused by thin enamel and/or the gums detaching from the tooth and receding down to expose hypersensitive roots. The root is made up of dentin and is more porous than the enamel that covers the surface of the tooth. These pores and tubules in the dentin connect directly to the nerve ending in the tooth and once exposed, can cause sensitivity to temperature, sweet/sour food or drink, air exposure, or even touch.


Causes of sensitivity include, but are not limited to brushing too vigorously and/or improper brushing technique, poor eating/drinking habits, periodontal disease, and clenching/grinding.

Picture taken from the Sensodyne website


At Klym Dentistry, we are here to help combat sensitivity! Our Registered Dental Hygienists will review proper brushing techniques, and make recommendations on the type of toothbrush and toothpaste required to suit your individual needs. If the sensitivity is caused by an abfraction, (a notch in the root of the tooth) then a restoration/filling may be recommended to control the symptoms. Our primary goal is your comfort and we will work together with you until this result is achieved!

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